About Me

A song, a photograph, the tactile feel of texture, or even an aroma, can often evoke memories of place and time. I want my jewelry to bookmark those memories, and bring joy to those who wear it.

My medium of choice is silver and gold. I love shaping and working the metal to form shapes that kindle movement and flow, hammering, soldering, and bending to connect pieces into a composition with depth, feeling, and harmony.

Sometimes, material dictates its own form, and my work as an artist is to follow that path. Abstract elements inform innovative patterns. I work with the metals and against it at times to create distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces, surprising at times, and always fresh and original.

The challenges of the medium, the never ending learning that leads to that moment when the art comes together gives me joy in my work that I want to share.

Raised in rural Ohio, I ventured South and studied advertising design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. After working in the graphics field, I moved to a career as a professional photographer, where after 25 years, I craved a new, more tactile way to express myself.

A camera and a sketchpad are always at hand, not for duplicating, but for capturing and recording the inspiration of the moment. Back in the studio, I develop those concepts and ideas to work out a composition. Then comes the plan for construction. Sometimes the metal or gemstones call for a change in design, but like other art forms, I weave multiple elements, light and heavy, quiet and loud, foreground and background, into a dynamic composition.